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Online Business Planning Ebook

Today’s generation all share one thing in common: Build an online business that they can call their own. Using a new way of thinking, this Online Business Planning Ebook can jumpstart your journey in building their own all without using the traditional business planning taught in business schools.

If you’re interested in what it takes to be an entrepreneur from being an employee working for others on an 8-5 shift, this Online Business Planning Ebook is for you! You’ll learn how to plan your online business in a few minutes.

Lessons included are:

1. Personal Advocacy Building
2. Problem-Customer-Solution Fit
3. Financial Analysis for Beginners
4. Unique Market Proposition
5. Growth Hacking
6. Business Model Validation

Each topic shows you briefly the specific strategies on how to plan your online business both in the early stages and later in their operations. This Online Business Planning Ebook includes a one-pager template and activities that can help you fill out the template and complete your business plan.

Screenshot of the eBook:

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“…if you tell me that your main motivation for starting an online business is just to gain profit and be rich, then you need to sort things out… Let me tell you, profit is just a result. Profit is always secondary to great advocacy. It is merely a reward for having a good cause and executing it effectively using your online business… Now, what is your advocacy or the reason why you exist?