online teaching

8 Killer Advantages of Online Teaching

Early years are geared on education and most people, if not all, went through the traditional method – a curriculum taught in different face-to-face mediums. In today’s changing world where people are busier and technology is exponentially increasing, education evolved giving rise to online teaching. Online teaching provides alternatives to the traditional 4-cornered environment. There are

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5 Common Pitfalls of Leadership

COMPETENCY-BASED MODELS WON’T WORK Technical competency leadership models don’t work.  By rewarding technical competency, organizations fail to reward the most significant aspect of its people, their total contribution. Companies that focus their assessment on technical competency fails to recognize the most significant, and often neglected potential in a person. It is not just through their KPIs,

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UP Feb Fair in UP Diliman

UP Feb Fair: UP Los Banos vs UP Diliman

The UP Feb Fair started as a protest fair expressing opposition to a dictatorial and oppressive regime of the Martial Law. Decades after, the UP Feb Fair became the festival(-ish) celebration parading various organizations, showcasing famous artists and UP-grown talents. Having studied in UPLB during my undergraduate degree, I was blessed to be part of the UP

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The Ugly And The Beautiful In E-Commerce

E-commerce continuously knocks on the door of the world market. Though its full potential is still to be seen, especially in the emerging markets like the Philippines, e-commerce has been robust for the past few years. We have seen the likes and E-bay in the United States, and and rampage in their

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5 Best Elevator Pitch Tips for Entrepreneurs

An elevator pitch happens when delivering a persuasive, call-to-action speech to a person in an elevator ride that only span from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. My Elevator Pitch Tips for Careers Businesses and Relationships will be very useful in scenarios of an accidental meeting with someone very important, not only in an elevator but in anywhere

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entrepreneur test

Entrepreneur Test: Assess Yourself With 11 Difficult Questions

A typical entrepreneur test will ask people: Do you want to have your own business and be their own boss? Do you want to have financial freedom? Do you have great ideas for business? Well, who doesn’t? You’ll answer YES to all of them by default. Having the right mindset is more important than business

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3 Stages in Love Economics

Love Economics and Personal Life talked about the impacts of the trade-off between time spent on love and personal stuff. The article discussed the application of economic theories to analyze relationship-related topics. Yes, it’s a bit technical, however, relevant in balancing relationships and personal matters in order to gain as much happiness that everyone desire.  Love

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unconventional marketing

Unconventional Marketing: 5 Best Principles for Personal Branding

For Businesses, doing the same things over and over or doing the same things done by your competitors won’t improve your business. If businesses do something different to catch attention, it can be their ticket to gain more revenues. This is called unconventional marketing. Unconventional Marketing can also be used to improve and even promote

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facebook dating hacks

12 Facebook Dating Hacks from an Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Refreshed by the business and economic theories through an MBA program, this author’s subconscious mind cranked up and formulated an unconventional yet scientific link between dating and economics to come up with Facebook dating hacks for Filipinos. Hence, 12 Facebook dating hacks for guys. This post was henceforth born out of the scientific lessons learned in

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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course

Do you know that there is a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course here in the Philippines? There are in house certifications for many corporations but for those who want top-notch a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course for themselves but their current company does not offer one, there are many online certification courses. What

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