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Operations Management Concepts & Techniques

Table of Contents The Operations FunctionOperations & SC StrategyProduct DesignProcess Selection Service Process Design Choice of Technology Process-flow Analysis Supply Chain ManagementIndependent-Demand InventoryFacilities & Aggregate Planning Material Requirements PlanningJust-In-Time Systems & Lean Thinking Quality Management The Operations Function Operations Management, as a field, deals with the production of goods & services. It is defined as

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Management Control Systems: Executing Strategy and Management

Table of Contents • The Nature of Management Control SystemsUnderstanding StrategiesResponsibility Centers: Revenue and Expense CentersProfit CentersTransfer PricingInvestment CentersStrategic PlanningBudget PreparationAnalyzing Financial Performance ReportsPerformance MeasurementManagement CompensationControls for Differentiated StrategiesService OrganizationsMultinational Organizations The Nature of Management Control Systems 1. Elements of management control systems: strategic planning, budgeting, resource allocation, performance measurement, evaluation and reward, responsibility center

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lean startup

Lean Startup Principles for SMEs

A lean startup basically means ‘failing fast, failing cheap but learning more’. It means testing the market of what you assume they want or need without having to lose big capital. How does this happen? The lean startup makes failing fast and cheap while testing the riskiest assumption possible because of the ‘Feedback Loop’ Why

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Blog 3

Finance Cheat Sheet: Formulas and Concepts

Table of Contents Role of Financial Manager Financial Analysis Quality of Earnings Financial Planning Working Capital Management Cash Management Capital Budgeting Corporate Financing Role Of Financial Manager Monitor financial health and threats thereof -Financial analysis and forecasting Guide/direct the company’s investment decisions – Capital budgeting and working capital policy/management Direct the company’s financing decisions –

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8 Best Travelpreneur Principles for Millenials

Travelpreneur: An entrepreneur that uses travel for his or her advantage. We all agree that a traveling entrepreneur touring the world is pretty rewarding and fulfilling right? With the concept of backpacking, anyone can instantly hit the road and get to places (without too much spending)… Well – come to think of it – is

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become better influencer

5 Simple Ways to Become Better Influencers

What are the ways to become better influencer? Everyone is wired to resist change.  It’s in our DNA, our human nature. You can’t change the fact that it is the first reaction to influencing others. The good thing… There are ways to pre-empt this objection to influence others according to Brad Holst – principal and

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Lean Blogging: Best Principles to Accelerate Your Blog

“Lean” has been the thing of business startups ever since Eric Ries introduced the movement in his BookLean Startup. According to Eric Ries, the Lean Startup provides a scientific approach to creating and managing startups and gets their desired product to customers’ hands faster.  Pretty impressive right? In this article, I am showing you how you

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UP MBA GPAT: 8 Best Steps to Ace it

This UP MBA GPAT Article was published on March 11, 2015, and updated on March 24, 2020.  Last 2012, I took the UP MBA GPAT exam.  Three years after, I took the UP MBA comprehensive exam.  The dreaded UP MBA Graduate Program Admission Test or simply UP MBA GPAT may seem intimidating, but it’s really

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6 Reason You Need to Stop Multi-tasking

When people assume different roles, especially for entrepreneurs, tasks will surely be overwhelming. Everything – and I mean everything – demands full attention from multi-tasking. But with only 24 hours a day, learning how to do a million tasks on a limited time will be difficult and demands to be on top of their game to

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successful entrepreneurs

8 Great Signs Of A Successful Entrepreneur

There are advantages and disadvantages to a successful entrepreneur. Here are the signs you are turning into a successful entrepreneur. 1. 24 Hours in a day seems not enough Every day you finish tasks but is seems like mountains of work are still unclimbed. Take a look back and reflect. I appreciate that you are taking

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up mba tuition fee

How Much is the UP MBA Tuition Fee?

UP MBA Tuition Fee in 2012 Are you here to search about the UP MBA tuition fee? You are in the right place. Though the UP Form 5 was from 2012.  If you are looking for the current UP MBA tuition fee, scroll down below.  UP MBA tuition fee is quite expensive than other graduate

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My Personal Blueprint for Philippine eCommerce

Having attended the 5th Philippine eCommerce Entreprenuer’s Summit hosted by the, I had few ideas for improvement. E-Commerce is similar to business except for its special marketing channel. Its use of the internet makes it innovative yet so complex. Internet being its critical-to-success factor, it is fitting that the improvement in the Philippine internet

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